RC Composites Fibreglass Application

Welcome to RC Composites we provide a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) fibreglass flat roofing service to meet the needs of any commercial or domestic client, from large industrial units to small garage and shed roofs. Fibreglass will provide a continuous seamless membrane surface regardless of the size or complexity of the application.

Based in north Wiltshire.

Prices from £50 per metre square

RC Composites also provide bespoke manufacturing using polyester, vinyl-ester, phenolic, bisphenol and epoxy resin systems. Carbon, aramid (Kevlar), glass fibre and core material reinforcement.

We have access to material chemists and technicians ensuring the correct material properties for the proposed application, for example fire retardant, chemical and corrosion applications. Mobile 07722 673667. Email.   richchamberlaine@btinternet.com

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Hpi Maverick Blackout MT Body Shell



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